How to Create an Email Address Without a Phone Number?

Are you frustrated with having to provide your phone number when creating a new account on email services? And now, you are searching for a free email service that doesn't ask for phone number verification. Right? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss some free email services that don't ask for phone number verification.

Asking for a phone number by email providers has lots of benefits for you because whenever these email services ask for phone number verification, they allow you to create an account on their platform. The reason for asking for the phone number is to verify your identity, which means you are not a bot that creates spam mail. And If in case you forget your password, you can recover it very easily by providing a phone number.

Emails that don’t require a phone number

These are disposable email addresses that provide phone numbers on a temporary basis. As their name implies, these are disposable and can only be used for a limited time. If you want to create an account on any website just to explore, then you can use these email services.

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a free email service that allows you to create an email address that lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. If you are looking to sign up on any website, then this email service will help you. It also allows you to change your email address by pressing the change or delete button.

Guerrilla Mail

It is one of the oldest and best-known temporary email services. The best thing about this mail is that it is completely free, never expires unless you delete it yourself, and you can send emails using your disposable email address.

Email on Check

It is another great temporary mail service. This email usually lasts for more than one day. But if you close your browser, then the email may expire. However, it provides free as well as subscription plans. You can receive mail in the free version, but if you need to send mail, you have to take the pro version.


ProtonMail is another excellent email service known for its privacy and security. It offers both free and paid plans that provide additional features. The free email service allows you to sign up for websites.


You can use these email services that don't ask for phone number verification. However, you can only use them for a limited time, which is the only drawback. Nevertheless, they are the best emails for signing up on websites.

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