How to Watch Private YouTube Videos Without Permission?

YouTube Private Videos

A private video on youtube means when the owner or the uploader of the video doesn’t want everybody to watch it, he or she might share it with only some people and in this case, he makes the video private. 

The users will need permission if they need to watch the private video but in this blog, we are going to let the users know how to see private videos on youtube without even asking for permission. 

Ways to YouTube Private Video 

The users will not even get notified about the private video being uploaded if he or she is not on the list. 

The owner of the video has the option to decide who can watch private youtube video and who will not be able to do so. 

If the users are not included in the list they can ask the owner to give them permission so that they can watch his or their youtube video but what if the owner is not letting the users youtube watch private video, well the users do not need to worry as there is a fix for this also about which we are going to tell the users. 

Watch Private YouTube Video Without Permission

There is a fix that is available on many sites which is very simple, in this fix the users just need to remove the word ‘watch’ from the URL of the video. 

But unfortunately, after trying this fix we noticed that it is not working and hence the users have no way using which they can access the youtube video which is private and nobody without permission can access it.  

Watch Private YouTube Video With Permission

The only way which the users are left with it is to wait till the owner of the video provides the users with access to the permission to watch the video.

 Or the users can ask a user who has been provided with permission to let the users see the video on their device.

 If someday the owner of the video provides the users with permission then he or she will share the video with the users with the help of the email. 

We hope that the information about view private youtube video’ which we have provided to the users has been useful and informative for them using which they have been able to know all they wanted to know about the private videos on youtube.

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