What Is Spotify Web Player and How to Use It - A Complete Guide

One of the most widely embraced music and podcast streaming platforms Spotify has gained immense popularity and boasts over 182 premium subscribers globally. The best part is that Spotify functions in all mobile or desktop versions. Now to extend its reach to a wider audience, Spotify has launched its fully operational web player accessible via Web browser which works the same as desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Today we will give you an insight into Spotify web player through this blog. So, let’s get straight into it.

What is Spotify Webplayer 

Spotify Web Player is a website that offers the same range of wide genres of music and is accessible through web browsers. To be precise, Spotify web player is a gateway to enter into Spotify’s expansive music and Podcast libraries through various audio mediums whether you are using a phone or a desktop you can play music, get recommendations, and create your playlist on Spotify.

Empowering users with Spotify Web player gives them access to all the exclusive features of Spotify like playing songs, crafting playlists, music sharing and much more avoiding the necessity to install it on your phone. Spotify web player looks identical to its desktop and mobile version

Only Spotify premium users can get the experience of ad-free music and can download unlimited music for free.

How to Access Spotify Web Player

To access the Spotify web player, you will be required to have Spotify account login credentials. You can use both the free and premium Spotify accounts. 

  • Launch your preferred web browser and open Spotify.
  • Now pick the “Login” tab at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Here you will need to enter your Spotify login credentials.
  • Once entered all things correctly, hit the “Login” tab.

You are good to go. Now you can listen to your choice of music using the Spotify web player.