Facebook Not Sending Confirmation Code? How to Fix it

Fb Not Sending Code for Login

If Facebook confirmation code not sending then the users must be getting messages to check the email for code, something went wrong, an error occurred, etc. 

But the users do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to provide the users with the ways which they can try to fix facebook not sending login code so let us begin to know about it so that the users can fix it. 

Fixes for the Users to fix Facebook Code Not Sending

Checking the Facebook two factor settings 

The first thing which the users need to keep in mind is that they need to see if they have set up the two-factor authentication or not and if not then they need to do so to fix fb not sending code. 

Receiving the code via email 

Sometimes it happens that the users are not able to receive the code on their phone number, and then in this case the users can try to put in the email on which they will be receiving the confirmation code.

Checking the spam folder 

Sometimes users might think that they are not receiving Facebook code whereas they are getting the code but in the spam folder. The regulations sometimes move to the spam folder on their own this is why the users need to check the spam folder for the code or the users can also look around and look for the code in other folders if they do not find it in the spam folder.