Facebook: What Does the ISO Acronym Mean

You can see many acronyms and abbreviations on various social media platforms. The Gen Z of this era likes to talk in short forms using acronyms. Facebook is one of the platforms where you can see several acronyms and ISO is one of them. 

Many Facebook users think of ISO and want to know What does ISO mean on Facebook. This article will discuss everything about this acronym, so stick with us until the end. 

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

The most common meaning of ISO is "In Search Of". It is used to indicate that someone is looking for a specific item or service. On the Facebook Marketplace, users usually show their 

desire to purchase something. Facebook groups are also very useful to find something that people search for. That is why people use ISO in their text. 

For Example: 

  • ISO iPhone X in good condition.
  • ISO second-hand furniture for my apartment.
  • ISO rare succulent cuttings.
  • ISO 2 BHK flat in the X area. 

Other Meanings of ISO on Facebook or Text

An acronym can have more than one meaning So, ISO. There are several meanings of ISO on Facebook and other other social media. The other ISO meaning in text are: 

  • Instead Of
  • In Support Of
  • I’m Still Online
  • Isolation 
  • In Service Of 
  • In Seeking Other

Some Other Acronyms Like ISO on Social Media

Now you are aware of the meaning of ISO on Facebook. Now it turns to take a look at other acronyms that you can see on social media platforms. 

  • HMU: Hit Me Up 
  • IRL:  In Real Life 
  • POV: Point of View
  • GRWM: Get Ready With Me
  • WFH: Work From Home 
  • AMA: Ask Me Anything 
  • LOL: Laughing Out Loud 


ISO is online acronyms that stand for “In Search For”. It is used by people when they desire to search for something on Facebook or other social media. There are various acronyms you can see just like ISO on social media.