What Does NFS Mean on Instagram and in Chatting?

Short forms and acronyms are used a lot by the youth these days as they want to chat quickly and do not have the time to type exact and long phrases however, there are a lot of people who still do not know about such acronyms and this is why they often face issues when people chat using Acronyms.

One of the most common short forms that people use on Instagram and while chatting is NFS and if you are not familiar with the acronym then, here you will learn what does NFS mean in text and on Instagram. 

What Is the Meaning of ‘NFS’ on Instagram?

There are a lot of meanings of the term on the social media application like ‘need for speed’ or ‘not for sale’ however, the thing that you need to know is the most commonly used meaning on the application. 

However, you cannot determine NFS meaning in simple terms as the term is used differently for different posts and topics which is why we are providing you a list of all the meanings of the term that it can represent on the application. 

What Are the Meanings of NFS on Instagram?

You need to know about the category when you are wondering what does NFS mean on Instagram as different people use the term with different meanings. 

  1. Need for Speed – Automotive and Gaming 

  2. Not for sale – Random 

  3. No Filter Sky – Nature 

  4. No Filter Selfie – Image and Photo Sharing 

  5. No Filter Sunset – Nature 

  6. New Fashion Style – Fashion and Styling 

  7. Next Fashion School – Fashion 

  8. No Funny Stuff – Random 

  9. No Filter Skin – Cosmetic 

These are the most common meanings of the abbreviations when it is used on the application which is why you need to look for the context of when you want to determine the meaning of the short form while you are chatting with someone. 

Source: https://help.instagram.com/