What does the S Mean on Snapchat?

Sending S as streaks on snapchat is very common as there are many people who receive an ‘S’ on the application but, have you ever wondered what this S means on the application? Snapchat is filled with abbreviations and this is why it can be difficult for people to keep track of all these goals. 

If you are thinking about what does s mean on snapchat then, you do not need to worry as here, in the guide, we are going to tell you the meaning of the same and how it is used on the application. 

What is the meaning of S on Snapchat?

People send S on Snapchat when they want the other person to remember their streaks. S basically refers to streaks on the application. This is the perfect method for people to tell the other person to continue their streak. 

Snapstreaks are created when you send and receive a streak with a person consistently for 3 days without missing a day in between and the person who sends this ‘S’ does not want you to end the streak. This is the s meaning snapchat that you want to know about the application. 

Apart from this, S can also refer to streaks which is referred to as the fire symbol. Snap streaks are the perfect way that you can continue your conversation with a person when you don’t feel like talking to the person every day. 

Another very important question that people wonder about is how to respond to s on snapchat and if you are thinking about it then, you can send streaks using the pen feature on the application or you can also use interesting graphics and stickers to make your snap streaks interesting and attractive for the other person. Streaks are the perfect way of communication when you don’t want to have long chats on the application. 

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