Can You Screen Share on Facetime?


Have you ever wondered whether you can share your screen on your Mac while on facetime? If yes then, allow me to tell you that it is possible to share your screen when you are on facetime on your Mac. If you want to know the correct steps with which you can know how to share my screen on facetime then, you just need to read the instructions and steps that we are giving in this guide. 

How Can You Share Your Screen on Facetime?

If you have an Apple device then, the other person also needs to have an Apple device if you want to use the sharing screen factime feature so, before following the steps that we are mentioning here make sure that both participants on the call have Apple devices. 

  1. You need to open Facetime on your Apple device to start the process. 

  2. After this, choose the ‘New FaceTime’ option where choose any contact to make the call. 

  3. Once the call has been connected, you need to press the ‘SharePlay’ icon that is present on the screen. You can easily recognize this icon on the screen. 

  4. Now, choose the ‘Window’ option to share any specific screen on your device. You need to carefully choose between the window or the screen option to decide whether you want to share a window or the entire screen with the other participant. 

I am sure that with the steps that we have mentioned here you have learned how to share screen on facetime mac without any issues.