YouTube Keeps Crashing: Quick Fixes

No wonder YouTube is a great source of entertainment, as well as education, and over 2 million active users, are browsing it every day. With such a vast array of video content, it has become overwhelming and may disrupt binge-watching by experiencing crashes and other issues. 

You are watching your favourite video and suddenly YouTube app crashes and stops you from watching.  Whatever may be the cause,  it might be annoying to you and you wish to fix it soon.

In this comprehensive guide, we will teach you with an easy to apply quick fixes for YouTube keeps crashing, issues. Stay tuned with us.

Possible Cause of YouTube Keeps Crashing issue 

Before we proceed to fix the issue, let’s have a look at the possible causes of it.

  • Outdated version of YouTube app.
  • A poor internet speed.
  • The glitch in the app.
  • Insufficient storage space on your device.

How to Fix YouTube Keeps Crashing Issue?

  • Close the YouTube App and Relaunch it: The first thing you need to fix any technical glitch is to close the app and relaunch it. Doing so might resolve the minor glitch in the app and a fresh start will work well.
  • Grant all the App Permission to YouTube: To perform well, YouTube requires some app permissions from your device. If you have denied any permission to the YouTube app then, this might throw you a YouTube crashing issue. So, you need to allow access to your device to YouTube. This may solve the YouTube error.
  • Insufficient Storage Space: A shortage of free storage space in your device may be the biggest culprit behind the issue that hinders streaming video seamlessly resulting in the YouTube app crashing. Free up space by deleting unwanted files or unused apps from your device to binge-watch YouTube. 
  • Restart Your Device: Sometimes restarting your device may overcome minor bugs on your device causing YouTube keeps crashing and you can watch videos seamlessly.