What Does FWB Mean On Snapchat?

If you are a Snapchat User then surely you have noticed a slang known as FWB. But what does it mean? Maybe Most of the Snapchat users already know about it. But for those who are not aware of FWB, let’s read in detail in this article. Although it is a Simple Slang if you don’t understand the meaning of this in Snapchat then it may get into trouble. So, let’s understand what FWB means on Snapchat.

What Does  FWB Mean?

FWB stands for Freind With Benefits. It means people who know each other can be in a relationship without really dating each other. It can be tricky to define because it is a relationship in a friendship. 

Why FWB is Different From Dating?

Generally, what happens when you are in a real relationship you have a specific feeling for the person and the same feeling from the other side. But in friend-with-benefits scenarios, you have an online relationship, like you are free to come into a relationship with another person as well. There are not any feelings or strings attached in freined with benefits cases. People make friends with benefits just for enjoyment. 

Why do People want to be Friends with benefits?

As I told you above people make friends with benefits for enjoyment. Apart from this, It can feel safe like you do have not any kind of pressure in FWB. Also, it can be good for people who don't want a commitment in a dating relationship. 

But do you know, sometimes FWB can get you in trouble? How? Suppose you want a serious relationship and have some feelings for the person you are dating. But the person only wants FWB to enjoy. So, sometimes, it may feel you and your partner confused. So always think before making FWB. 


Do you know there are some other meanings of the slang FWB? Yes, we have talked here only about what it means on Snapchat. But there are some different meanings of FWB on different planets. If you want to know, then visit the article on what does FWB mean on Snapchat. In this article, they have covered different meanings of FWB included with Snapchat.